Job Search Depression is Real: Heres How to Overcome It

I know I have done things in my professional career I should be proud of. Yet, it all seems like a fuzzy memory, as if I am fondly remembering the good old times that really weren’t, and I have been deceiving myself after all these years. I know that at my age, I have a wealth of skills, knowledge depression and job search and experience to offer potential employers. Sometimes, to find the right professional fix takes time, and I shouldn’t seek out band-aids. I just wish my depression and anxiety were more cooperative with the rest of my brain and help me through these times I am unfamiliar with handling.

Set a small, manageable goal at first, and after it’s complete, set another small goal. Before you know it, those small steps will add up to a real change. Managing depression may feel like it takes all your effort, but there are several things you can do to cope with unemployment and depression. Anxiety UK helps people access therapy at affordable rates, and Mind has a range of advice and guidance if you feel you’re in crisis.

Constant Rejection Takes A Toll

Unfortunately, feeling down about your job can affect other areas of your life. Feeling hopeless about your job search can go beyond your career planning. It can extend into your personal relationships and your self-growth. If children aged 11 to 14 suffer poor mental health they are three times more likely not to pass five GCSEs including English and Maths compared with healthy children, the report said. „The economic consequences of poor mental health are starkest for young people who don’t go to university, with one in three young non-graduates with a common mental disorder currently workless,“ she said.

  • If depression makes it hard to handle everyday life, we’ve got supportive tips so you can find, interview for, and land a job.
  • Unemployment itself is also a significant contributor to depression.
  • 53% say they’ve felt like they lost a piece of their identity during the job hunt process.
  • Friends and family can be great resources to talk to as you work through your depression and your job search, and they can also serve as the much needed reminder that you aren’t alone in any of it.
  • You might be a brilliant project manager with all the right certifications and experience.
  • So it’s not a great leap to be concerned about the mental health toll the pandemic and unemployment rates are taking on us all.
  • What’s more, maintaining a positive attitude throughout your job hunt can better your chances of landing your dream gig.

Often getting to the interview stage is an achievement in itself, so remember to celebrate these wins rather than focusing on the set-back of receiving a rejection. To cope with the stress of being out of work, some people might work on job applications late into the evening, eating into their own time. This can be dangerous because time off to relax is vital for recharging. There has been a power shift from employers to employees in the jobs market, making now the perfect time to find a new role. Consult with a career coach, mentor, résumé writer and recruiter to get their respective opinions. “I use a Pomodoro app on my phone to focus for 25 minutes then have a break for five minutes.

tips for how to deal with job depression

This was especially easy during early pandemic lockdowns, where we were encouraged to stay inside and away from anyone we didn’t live with. If your home is messy, your budget chaotic, or your daily schedule lacking, it can feel overwhelming and increase symptoms of depression. Many people are influenced by their environment — and disorder in your environment can cause disorder in your emotions, too. A 2015 study referred to the high unemployment rate at that time as a public health concern due to the close link between unemployment and depression in young adults. The toll that job hunting can take on your energy, optimism, and self-esteem can be hard to grapple with. Moreover, seeking professional help—like therapists or career counselors—can be beneficial.

  • Depression can’t simply be waved away by telling yourself to feel happier.
  • They are your shoulder to lean on, but also your distraction from the overwhelming parts of this process.
  • By fostering open dialogues, encouraging mental well-being, and providing the necessary support, we can transform the job-seeking journey from a source of despair to a path of hope, resilience, and growth.
  • A 2022 review of 9 studies and 4,864 participants found that those who were unemployed had 28% higher depressive symptom scores than employed people.

I am afraid of shutting down physically, and fine myself wanting to sit around the house all day and do nothing. Four months ago, I was separated from my work (willingly or non-willingly is another matter). After over 20 years of consistent and steady work, I was unemployed.

You’ll have greater happiness and personal satisfaction

Gary Siva, from Portsmouth, runs online mental wellbeing platform Zumos, which is used by many schools and aims to teach young people resilience and mindfulness skills early in life. Poor mental health among young people is on the rise, official figures show. Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is rarely discussed in public forums, even though healthy connection to others is an integral part of healing. This is a peer support community for those who have undergone prolonged trauma and came out the other side alive and kicking, but with wounds that need tending. This is also a place for friends and family of the victims to come for support.

In this instance, it’s hard not to feel hopeless about your job search. A lack of self-compassion and being critical of your flaws prevents others from seeing your positive attributes. Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with job search depression. The first step is recognizing why job search depression happens. This position is responsible for operating various vehicles and equipment including dump trucks, backhoes, loaders, skidsteers, and other types of vehicles and equipment. Candidates must possess a Class B-CDL with air brake endorsement, or have the ability to obtain one within six (6) months.

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